Online Video Poker for Real Money

video-pokerOne casino card game that does get plenty of attention from players are the many different video poker games which are found online, the major attraction of video poker games is that the payout percentages attached to most variants are so huge they are always games that you can be assured of giving you plenty of play time for your money.

If you have never experienced the delights of playing real money video poker games online then they are relatively easy games to play, for you are first required to choose a stake to play them for, then decide just how many coins per hand to play then by clicking on the deal button you will be dealt out a set of five face up playing cards from a single deck.

The aim of playing video poker for real money is to end the game with any one of the listed winning hand combinations listed on the pay table of the variant you are playing, the higher valued the hand combination the more you will win. As soon as those initial five cards have been dealt out to you the game will require you to either hold any of them of discard any of them.

You will then be dealt out a new set of cards to replace any you have chosen to discard and if on the final deal of the card you do indeed form a winning hand combination you are instantly rewarded with that winning payout. Below you will find a range of the different types and variants of video poker all of which can be played online for free or for real money.

Multi Hand Video Poker – You will find some variants of video poker will allow you to play up to 100 hands per game played, and to make playing that many hands per game affordable these types of multi hand video poker games will have the lowest possible coin value settings associated with them. The obvious attraction of playing any of the many differently structured multi hand video poker games is that it is quite possible for you to be dealt out a Royal Flush hand to each hand you have in play, and when playing a 100 hand variant that will see you picking up some huge winning payouts.

Progressive Video Poker – The number of progressive video poker games are not that huge and as readily available online as they may be in a land based casino site, but when playing most progressive video poker games you are usually forced to play maximum coins per hand to activate the jackpot paying hand combination on the games pay table.

Level Up Video Poker – One brand new type of video poker game variant appearing more and more in online casino sites are the Level Up Poker games, when playing these type of video poker games you will, when your initial hand is a winning one, move onto another level of the game where a payout multiplier can and will kick in to boost the value of the second, third and even firth consecutive winning hand combination you get dealt out in front of you.

Single Hand Video Poker – There are so many single hand video poker game variants available online you really are going to be spoilt for choice! Some of them have fairly standard playing structures whilst some of them offer wild cards but the aim to locating a game which is going to give you the absolute maximum inning opportunities when you choose to play single hand video poker game variants is for you to select a game with a pay table that offers you the very highest payout percentage.