Online Roulette for Real Money

online-rouletteFor the chance of winning big then most players will often try some of the many different Roulette games which are found in many online casino sites, you will notice that showcased through this website we have several different online casinos and each of them will offer you the ability of testing out their Roulette games either for free or for real money.

One thing to keep in mind though if you do fancy trying your chances on any of the many different Roulette games online that can be played for real money is that there are in fact several different variants on offer, and not all of them are going to offer you a low house edge and high payout percentage, and as such you should always opt to play those games which do have the very lowest house edge and the highest valued set of winning payouts available.

With this in mind further down this real money online Roulette playing guide we have highlighted each of the different variant that you are always going to have access to when playing at any of our listed and fully licensed online casino sites, so keep on reading to find out what makes these games different from each other.

One additional thing to remember is that if you accept a casino bonus from any online casino site you may be restructured in regards to the stake levels you can wager per spin of the Roulette wheel and the play through requirements may be slightly higher when you play Roulette games online, in fact some casinos will never let you play any type of Roulette games with a bonus.

Mini Roulette – Avoid play the mini roulette game at all costs, for you may think with only a third of the number so the wheel you will have much better chance of spinning in a winning number, and whilst that is true the house edge of that game is enormous and offer you no playing value what so ever.

Progressive Roulette – A bonus bet will need to be place onto the progressive roulette games betting layout for you to be in with a chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot when one or more number spin in consecutively, but that side bet is going to eat away at your bankroll and will decrease your overall winning chances unless you beat the odds and win the progressive jackpot.

Bonus Bet Roulette – Plenty of roulette games are available online offering players the ability of placing bonus bets which payout a wide range of bonus winning payouts, but much like the progressive roulette game mentioned above the house edge on those bonus bets can and will be much higher than the standard betting opportunities.

European Roulette – The European Roulette game has a very low house edge of 2.70% as that game has one single zero in play on its wheel and on the betting layout and this is in fact the most played online roulette game for that very reason.

American Roulette – Another roulette game you are probably going to be best off never playing is the American Roulette game that game has two zeros on the wheel and a huge edge of a high 5.26% and as such stick to playing the above European Roulette game instead of the French Roulette game mentioned below if you are a player who only ever placed the even money paying bets.

French Roulette – There is a rule in place on French Roulette games that sees a player getting either half their even money paying bets back or those even money paying bets being locked in place for the nest spin of the roulette wheel whenever a zero is spun in which reduces the house edge on those bets down to a tiny 1.35%.