Online Blackjack for Real Money

BlackjackOne thing to note when you choose to play at a casino site that offers a software driven range of blackjack games is that the deck of cards irrespective of how many decks are in the shoe are shuffled fully before any new hand is dealt out to both you and the dealer, and as such you cannot count cards when playing these types of card games online.

However, what you are going to find is a huge number of different variants on offer each of which will boast its own player and dealer rules, and that does of course mean that by playing online blackjack for real money you are free to pick and choose only the variants which have been designed with the very lowest house edge to play.

As there are now dozens of different blackjack games on offer at every single online casino site showcased to you upon this website we have listed below a small overview of the main type of blackjack games which is going to give you a good idea of just how diverse the range of blackjack games are, and we are completely confident that you will find several variants on offer that you will enjoy playing, more so when you do opt to play those with the very lowest house edge.

Single Hand Blackjack Games – If you do wish to play real money blackjack online then the single hand games may appeal to you, look out for those games on which the lowest number of decks are in play in the shoe as those games often have the very lowest house edge on offer.

Progressive Blackjack Games – One type of blackjack game that is available at a huge number of different online casino sites that could be of interest to you are the progressive jackpot paying blackjack games. The only aspect to playing these games that you do need to be aware of is that the progressive jackpot can only be usually own when you have placed and additional side bet wager.

The cost of that side bet may be minimal but it will have its own house edge associated with it and by being forced to place that side bet on each base hand you play off the overall house edge of the variant you are playing will be increased accordingly, and you will need to win the progressive jackpot to make it a game worth playing over the long term, which is no mean feat.

Multi Hand Blackjack Games – One aspect of playing multi hand blackjack games that you should always checkout and make yourself aware of is that they may have more decks in the shoe than the single hand variants of those games, and the more deck of playing cards in any blackjack games shoe will often see the house edge increasing quite dramatically.

However, you may find quite a number of low house edge multi hand blackjack games and they will be ideal ones to play when you want to play as many ands as possible in the very shortest amount of time.

Bonus Bet Blackjack Games – One final set of blackjack game that there are no shortages of online are the games offering a range of optional side bet options. These games can and will give you the chance to win some winning payouts way higher than the standard 3 to 2 winning payout you get for being dealt out an unmatched blackjack hand containing an ace and a 10 valued card. Just be aware those side bets always have their own house edges associated with placing them and they may not be as low as you had hoped they would be.