Online Bingo for Real Money

bingoThere are two different ways of playing bingo online for real money, the first type of bingo game you are going to find offered online are those which have been designed as single player games. When you choose to play these types of real money bingo games which are commonly available at online casino site you will be playing the games on your own and as such they are structured in a slightly different way to what you may be used to.

Those single player bingo games will see you trying to get all of the number a marked off any single bingo card you have purchased in a set number of balls called out of the machine Every single number could be drawn out of that bingo machine and depending on how many numbers it has taken you to call bingo the more you stand to win.

However as you are playing these games in a single player fashion if you do not call bingo in a certain number of balls called out then you will not win anything.

Standard Online Bingo Games

You will probably find the standard online bingo games which can be accessed and play online for real money are going to be much more appealing than the single player games. For when playing these types of games you can pick and choose just how many different bingo cards and bingo tickets you purchase and you will be playing against lots of other online bingo players.

There are several different types of bingo game that can be accessed and play online in a real money playing environment, and below we have an overview of some of the most popular variants available. Be aware the cash prizes on offer on each game and the ticket and card prizes can and will vary depending which online bingo site you choose to play at.

75 Ball Bingo Games – The first type of online bingo game that you are going to be able to play online in very large numbers are the 75 Ball Bingo games. These games use a special card on which there are five columns of numbers and five rows of numbers with the centre position of each card being automatically crossed off for you. The aim of these particular bingo games is to be the first player to form the winning pattern which is often simply a line in any direction on the card.

80 Ball Bingo Games – There are now some 80 Ball Bingo games which you can access and play online for real money. These particular games have a much smaller card than the one above as there are just four columns and four rows on numbers on each card. These bingo games are very fast playing games, so if you do not have a lot of time to play bingo online but do wish to play off as many games as is possible on any one single session then these will be the games to consider playing.

90 Ball Bingo Games – The final types of bingo games you will find on offer at every single online bingo site are the 90 Ball Bingo games. These are the most played bingo games online for when you take part in them you will find that there are three different sized cash prizes on offer on each game you play. The players who manage to get one line cross off on any ticket first will win a cash prize as will the first players to then mark off two lines and a large cash prize is then awarded to the player who marks off all 15 numbers on any one ticket first.

Online Bingo in the USA

For bingo players residing in one of the 50 states in the US it’s sometimes hard to find an online bingo site that are able to accept real money players from this part of the world. There are however a couple of sites out there that are able to do this and they accept payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express to name a few.

We don’t specialise in reviewing this types of sites but if you are from the US and are looking to play real money bingo then we recommend that you visit where they have a lot of information when it comes to this.