Online Baccarat for Real Money

baccaratAre you a fan of playing casino card games, if you are then we think now would be the best time for you to move some or all of your land based casino card game action over to the online gaming environment, by doing so you are going to find you can get a lot of additional playing value and an increased chance of winning on each session of your chosen casino card game you choose to play. Before you start playing online Baccarat for real money there are a few things you should think of, and that’s why we have put together this guide for you.

One game which has always been on offer to online casino game players and one game that does attract a lot of players is the game of Baccarat which is a game of chance but one on which it is possible to go one some wild and very luck winning streaks whereby you could turn a small and modest bankroll into a huge winning cash out, with some luck in playing of course.

Baccarat is a game which is played with usually a single deck of playing cards, however some online casinos could use more than one deck and the aim of the game is for you to correctly predict which one of the possible outcomes of each game the game will end in, and if you do correctly select the hand that wins each game then a winning payout will of course be awarded to you.

The stakes at which you can play real money online Baccarat games for can and will vary depending on just which casino site you are logged into and playing at with the most commonly available table stake limits starting at a very modest 1.00 and working up to a maximum stake per hand played of some 200.00, however many online casinos will have a highs take Baccarat game on offer there you are going to be able to play for stake levels of thousands of Dollars, Pounds or Euros per hand.

The three betting opportunities that will be on offer to you when you play online Baccarat games are the Bankers Hand, the Players Hand or if you think both hands will end in a tie then the Tied Hand betting opportunity will be the one you need to place your wagers on.

The dealer will, once you have placed you required stake on one or more of the betting options, deal out two initial cards to the Players hand and the Bankers hand, it is the hand which ends up with a total as close to 9 in total that is deemed to be the winning hand when you play Baccarat. Be aware though that there are some initial two card hands that will require an additional card to be dealt to either the Players or Bankers hand.

If you place a bet on the Bankers Hand and that hand turns out to be the hand with a value of 9 or as close to 9 as is possible and beat the other hand then you will receive a  winning payout of even money less a 5% house commission. If you bet on the Players Hand to win and it does win that game then no house commission is charge don’t hat winning bet and you are paid out at odds of even money.

The Tied Hand does have some high payout odds associated with it and as such you may be tempted to place that bet in the hope both the Dealers Hand and the Players Hand end the game with the same value cards on display, but be aware the house edge on that bet is high even taking into account the high payout odds.