Live Dealer Roulette

live-dealer-rouletteYou will find live dealer roulette games offer at different online casino sites and it is of course a Croupier and not a dealer who is going to be in control of those games as opposed to a random number generator.

There are several differences in regards to how these new types of online casino tables games work and operate that many players will find very appealing, the first thing to note is that when you launch any of them the screen you will find launching onto your computer screen will have a live video link up with the land based venue those games are laying out in.

There will often be two camera angles that you are able to view, the first will give a wide angle shot of the table including the dealer and the second camera angle is zoomed in on the Roulette wheel itself.

Underneath or at the side of the video box you will find the betting layout, and you will then be able to places any bets or wagers onto that betting layout from the comfort of your own home until the onscreen counter counts down to zero. Once that counter does reach zero then the Croupier will pick up the ball and send it spinning around the wheel.

You can then keep track of the ball fully via the zoomed in camera angle and will then see it finally land in one of the number wells and if any of your bets are winning once you will then be paid out based on just which bets you have placed and their associated payout odds.

This means that unlike random number generator controlled online Roulette game you will be playing at a more sedate pace and to give the games something of a community and social feel there is also a small chat room window on the game screen and by using that you will be able to communicate with all other players at around and playing at the table.

You do of course need to be aware that there are a small number of different Roulette game variants on offer at live casino sites, and it will be the case that for the maximum winning opportunities you should always opt to play the one which has been design with the lowest house edge.

Therefore with that in mind always avoid playing the American Roulette game in a live dealer format for those games have not one zero in play on the wheel and betting layout but two of them and that will mean those American live Dealer Roulette games come with a house edge of some 5.70% which is very high.

You should be actively seeking out to play the European live dealer Roulette games for those games have only one single zero in play on the wheel and on the betting limit and as they offer the exact same winning payouts are the American Roulette games but with only one zero the house edge is a much more manageable and favourable 2.70%.

If you to come across a live casino site that has the French Roulette game on offer and you are the type of player who only every places wagers on the even money paying position on the Roulette wheel then that game does come with an even lower house edge on all of the even money paying positions, and thanks to you either getting half of your even money paying bets returned when a zero spins in or those wagers stay in play for the next spin of the wheel when a zero has been spun in the house edge on those bets are even lower working out at 1.35%.