Live Dealer Blackjack

live-dealer-blackjackThere are two main types of Blackjack games you are going to be able to access and play online the first and most commonly available games are those which use computer graphics and have a random number generator determining the outcome of each and every single hand dealt out to both the player and the dealer.

What often puts off a lot of players from playing those types of Blackjack games online is that the decks of cards are always shuffled on those games before a new hand is dealt out so players who enjoy counting cards are never able to count cards those types of Blackjack games.

Also when playing a random number generator controlled Blackjack game you are going to be able to play off a very large number hands per session you take part in and as such will often experience some wild and unusual winning and losing streaks in a very short amount of time, and if it is a losing streak you experience in a short amount of time you may often get the feeling the games are not 100% fair and random even though they are.

The other types of blackjack game you can play online are the live dealer blackjack games, and these are now some of the most play blackjack games for they do not use computer generated graphics to display the cards deal tout and they do not have a random number generator determining the outcome of each hand dealt out.

How a live dealer blackjack game works and operate may just appeal to you, for these type of online casino card games are actually being played in a land based gaming venue or land based casino and a real dealer is dealing out the cards form a real physical deck and he or she will also be filmed and you will be able to watch the games in full flow by a live video link up with the casino of venue those games are being played in.

You then place your best and wagers onto those real life Blackjack tables remotely via your computer and as such you are for all intents and purposed playing Blackjack in a land based casino but from the comfort of your own home or wherever it is you are logged into that casino site from. You can find more detailed information about all this over at, a website that specialises in these types of games.

The beauty of playing live dealer Blackjack is that the games are played at exactly the same speed and pace as those other Blackjack games played in a land based casino site and not only that buy you will find sat around the Blackjack table other players from all corners of the world, and to make these games just as social as those games you play in a land based casino you can communicate with those fellow players by and onscreen chat room.

Much like when you do play Blackjack in a land based casino venue you are going to have on offer a wide range of different tasking options available to you do if you wish you can play for very low or very high stake amounts, and it is also worth noting the actual variant of Blackjack being played will vary from casino site to casino sites.

You should spend a little time reading though the game play rules of any live Blackjack game that has taken your fancy and only every opt to play those which offer you the very lowest house edge, as by playing hose variants you will naturally have an increased chance of winning when playing them, have a look around our site as several of the casinos listed on it offer a wide range of live dealer Blackjack and other casino games.