Live Dealer Baccarat

live-dealer-baccaratPlaying live dealer casino games will give you as life like a gaming session as is possible online, for the random number generators that controls the vast majority of games found in online casinos are not in use on these types of games and real life dealer based in land based venues will be always dealing out the cards to you.

Thanks to an onscreen video stream you can see those dealers at all times dealing out the cards and you will always be able to see the dealers shuffling the cards in front of you and as such that is going to guarantee that you are playing completely fair and random casino card games at all time.

In fact when you choose to play live dealer baccarat online you will find plenty of different stake options available and you can also communicate and full interact with the dealers and any other players sitting at the table you are playing at via an onscreen chat box.

If you do wish to play live dealer casino games then have a look around our website for we have fully reviewed the very best sites at which you can play at and as such you will find plenty of valuable bonus offers are available at each of them and you will also earn comp points when playing in real money mode.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

As you may never have played baccarat before online before then we shall now give you a quick insight into just how easy these games are to play. It is a deck of playing card that will determine the outcome of each game played and you are not going to find any easy card game to play online than baccarat.

There is no skill involved what so ever in playing baccarat for when you launch the live dealer version of this game you are simply faced with having to correctly predict which one of three possible hand combinations are going to win the next game.

You can place your wager on either the Bankers had, the Players hand or the Tied hand and once you and all other players have placed their best the dealer will then start to deal out the cards to the Bankers hand and the Players hand.  Be aware thought that when you do decide to get involved in any live dealer version of baccarat you are up against a timer which will start to count down onscreen d you must placed a wager onto one of the three betting boxes in front of you before the timer reaches zero.

The aim of the game is that the dealer will deal out two initial cards to each hand, and the hand which has the highest value without going over 9 in total will be deemed to be the winning hand, occasionally the dealer will deal a third card to one or both hands when dealing out the cards.

The winning payouts that out will be awarded with when playing live dealer baccarat are even money less a 5% house commission for a winning bankers hand, even money for a winning players hand and it should be noted no commission will have to be paid on all winning players hand wager, and the odds offered for a winning ties hand bet when both hands hand the same equal value will vary from site to site.

So if you do wish to place the tied hand wager which offers the highest payout odds make sure that you shop around for the sites offering the highest payouts on those wagers.